Closed Casket is a 6-piece horror metal band from the greater Boston area.

The band is comprised mainly of talented musicians and highly experienced Boston band greats, including guitarist Dan McGrath , lead guitarist Dan Pardi (ex Downfall, ex Clepto), bassist Alx (ex Afar), drummer Sam Serio (ex Shadow and Eve, ex Clepto), dominating vocalist Chico (ex Killgrip), as well as just recently departed keyboardist Nicole Hunter (ex Freezing Winds). Closed Casket is currently seeking a replacement.

The band was reborn in early winter, 2004, when ex guitarist Mario and Sam began to work with Dan and other ex-Downfall members on a new band. After trying out different vocalists the band came into contact with Chico, a dedicated performer, whose raw vocal style and prominent stage presence quickly integrated well with the band's intricate "horror metal" sound. The addition of Nicole's talents on keyboards, Denny's musical experience on guitar and Alx's dynamic style on bass, to the final lineup today.

Closed Casket has a unique and relatively unprecedented sound, drawing a wide range of comparisons to bands of all types of metal. Each member contributes greatly to Closed Casket's unique sound; Dan's intricate guitar melodies, Alx's grating black metal influence, Sam's unique brand of drum rhythm, Denny's songwriting experience, Nicole's symphonic classical keyboard influence, or Chico's searing vocals, all contribute to create a unique and powerful sound that is in a class by itself.

The band endures a rigorous practice and show schedule, and has played with such bands as 45 Grave, Superpower, Madball, and The Misfits, to name just a few. With the band's rapidly growing fan base and powerful stage presence, as well as an upcoming recording, Closed Casket is poised to take the local metal scene by storm.